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This KitchenAid Citrus Squeezer is one of my favorite and most used kitchen tools that I own, and for that reason I found it worthy of a dedicated POW blog post! One of the things I look forward to most in my daily routine is starting my morning with a big mug of warm lemon water, and that is where this product comes in handy. Let me give you the rundown on why this particular lemon juicer is my favorite, and then we can talk about the benefits of drinking warm lemon water everyday!

my expat anniversary

It seems that when people think of health and wellness, they automatically go to eating healthy foods, being physically active, or looking a certain way. Our mental and emotional health is often over looked or put on the back burner, even though those two aspects really dictate our overall physical health and well-being. The reason I am focusing on this today is because four years ago I entered into a world of unknowns that really put my mental and emotional health to the test. On September 27, 2015 I boarded a plane to Stockholm, Sweden to join my then boyfriend, now husband as he continued his career as a professional hockey player in Europe, after a few years of playing in the States. That is the day I became an expat.

Pantry Staple- Quinoa

Keen-wah. It seems like quinoa has exploded in popularity in recent years, and it is all for good reason! Quinoa is naturally gluten free, a great source of protein, high in fiber, and an incredibly versatile ingredient. Quinoa is also one of the few plant based foods that are known as being a complete protein. This means that it contains all 9 essential amino acids- these essential amino acids are necessary for energy production, tissue repair, and nutrient absorption among other things. These 9 essential amino acids can't be produced by our bodies, so we must eat foods they are found in so that we can reap the benefits.

product of the week

Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap
Happy first day of fall everyone! I don’t know about you, but as the seasons change and the weather starts to get colder, my skin always seems to go through an “adjustment period.”  I break out more than normal and my skin is just so sensitive! Dr. Bronner’s Tea Tree Castile Soap has been my go to product lately. It has been keeping my skin calm and clear, which makes me a happy girl.

carrot cake energy balls

Happy Friday! Yesterday I made these delicious carrot cake energy balls, and I couldn't wait to share them on pop nourish! You can make so many variations of energy balls as long as you have dates as a base, and some creativity. Dates are an excellent source of fiber, they are high in antioxidants, and they are a naturally sweet so you do not have to add any sugar to this recipe. Although dried fruits are more calorie dense than fresh fruit, these little treats are still healthy :)

Pantry Staple- Beans

Ahhh, the first pantry staple. Beans! At any given time you can find upwards of five cans of beans in my pantry. My personal favorites are garbanzo beans (chickpeas) and black beans. But I also love pinto beans, kidney beans, refried beans, and white beans depending on what I am making.
Both meat eaters and vegetarians alike can benefit greatly from incorporating beans into their diets. Beans are rich in protein, high in fiber, very versatile, and budget friendly, whats not to love?! 

product of the week

This week's product of the week is inspired by the lymphatic system and how important it is to care for this very important part of our body. How many of you have heard about dry brushing? The first time I saw a dry brush I actually thought it was a brush for horses! I had no idea how someone used it and what the benefit of dry brushing was. Let me share with you some quick facts about the lymphatic system, and how you can you use a dry brush to better your health.

DIY Face Spray

Happy Friday! Today I am sharing with you one of my favorite DIY skincare products. For a long time I was a big fan of the Mario Badescu facial sprays, but I wanted to save some money and see if I could make my own facial spray with some ingredients I already had at home. I went into my bathroom cabinets and pulled out a few items I wanted to try and mix together, and sure enough I concoted a facial spray that I can't be without now! My favorite way to use this spray is when I am traveling. I do about 6 international flights a year, so trust me when I say this little bottle of goodness really comes in handy! It is also great to use in the morning before applying your moisturizer, or at night in replace of a toner after you have washed all your makeup off.

product of the week

It was a no brainer for me when I was choosing a product to feature for the first product of the week here at pop nourish. For the past 6 months or so I have been obsessed with the Hello Products naturally whitening fluoride toothpaste. I had never heard of Hello prior to finding this toothpaste, and bought it on a whim after mindlessly wandering around Target. I can tell you for certain, I will continue to repurchase this item again and again!

10 Pantry Staples

Today I am sharing with you 10 items that I think belong in everyone’s pantry! In the weeks to come I will go more in depth about why I think these are staples, and how you can incorporate them into your lifestyle. So go ahead and add these items to your next grocery shopping list to ensure your pantry is stocked and ready for cooking.

welcome to pop nourish

Hello! Welcome to pop nourish, I am so happy you are here. Let me take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about myself, my health journey, and how pop nourish came to be.

My name is Katie, I am 28 years old and I am originally from Denver, Colorado. I am passionate about all things health, wellness, and plant based. I love essential oils, and grocery shopping is one of my favorite things to do.