cacao maca magic- energy balls

 If you have seen my previous posts about healthy snack ideas and my carrot cake energy ball recipe, then you already know how much I love these little treats. The other day I was really wanting to make a chocolate energy ball, but I was too lazy to go to the store to get cocoa powder. I went and looked in my cupboard for other ingredients and when I saw a powder latte mix that I love I got inspired to try and use that in my energy ball recipe. It turned out to be the perfect ingredient and I was able to make the best chocolatey energy ball that really packs a nutritious punch.

Pantry Staple- Oils

Is it safe to assume you already have a variety of oils in your pantry? I thought so. Oils are used in so many different recipes, whether you are making a dressing, baking, oven roasting vegetables, or  sauteing something on the stove. Although this is a popular item in the kitchen, not all oils are created equally, and they each serve a different purpose. Continue reading to learn about the best oils you can chose, how to use them, and which ones you should try to minimize in your diet.