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This week's product of the week is inspired by the lymphatic system and how important it is to care for this very important part of our body. How many of you have heard about dry brushing? The first time I saw a dry brush I actually thought it was a brush for horses! I had no idea how someone used it and what the benefit of dry brushing was. Let me share with you some quick facts about the lymphatic system, and how you can you use a dry brush to better your health.

Lymphatic System 101:
The lymphatic system cleans the body by draining excess fluids and debris that builds up in our tissues. The lymphatic system makes sure all the bad things are removed from the lymph fluid before the fluid is returned back into the blood stream, which is critical for our immune system and keeping us healthy. The fluid moves through one-way vessels very slowly with the help of contracting muscles, and without daily muscle movement it makes it very hard for our lymphatic system to function properly. That is why in addition to being active, and drinking lots of water, dry brushing is a very beneficial way to care for your lymphatic system.

Dry Brushing 101:
First things first, buy a dry brush if you haven’t already! This is the brush I use from Amazon, but many health food and beauty stores also sell them. To properly dry brush, you should do so on dry skin. A convenient time to brush is before you shower, but of course it can be done anytime of day or night. Using long strokes, begin at your feet, moving the brush with light but firm pressure. Always make sure you are brushing towards your heart, which is the way our lymphatic system goes. I usually do about 5-7 strokes on each part of my body. I really like to focus a little extra on my thighs and glutes when I am dry brushing in order to combat cellulite. When dry brushing your stomach move in a clockwise direction. Make sure to be more gentle on sensitive areas of your body, and avoid dry brushing your face.
Dry brushing is optimal for activating your circulation, and for lymphatic drainage. It is a very simple but effective form of self care!

 If you would like a dedicated blog post with more in depth information on the lymphatic system leave a comment below!

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