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Ahhhh, spring is finally here!! I don't know if it was the gloomy weather here in Sweden, the pandemic and not wanting to go out, adjusting to life with a baby, or a combination of all three- but this winter felt really long! I don't know about you, but I feel such a shift in my mood and energy as soon as spring rolls around and the days become brighter and longer. I love seeing the flowers and trees begin to bloom, and everything just starts to feel fresh and vibrant again.  I thought in today's post I would split things up into a few categories and "springify" them. I know springify isn't a word, but you'll see what I mean as you continue reading.


 As I mentioned above, as this time of year rolls around things start to feel fresh and bright and in my opinion that corresponds perfectly with the foods we are eating. In fall and winter, we love to have warm, comforting, and hearty dishes, whereas in spring and summer often times we prefer cooling, light, and colorful dishes. There is a lot of produce that comes into season in March such as asparagus, broccoli, carrots, apples, and citrus. These are some of my favorites, but the list doesn't end there! 

Here are some ways you can enjoy these in-season vegetables and fruits:

Asparagus- click here for a yummy recipe to enjoy as a side dish with your dinner.

Broccoli- Broccoli is definitely one of my favorite vegetables. In my opinion, it is best steamed, and then seasoned with lemon pepper! The lemon pepper just adds the perfect zing and really makes for a tasty bite.

Carrots- This will probably come as no surprise to anyone who has read my blog before, but carrots and hummus is just a match made in heaven. A simple, tasty, and healthy snack!

Citrus- Doesn't a bowl filled with oranges, lemons, and limes just scream spring? If you are looking for a simple way to boost your health, try incorporating lemon water into your daily routine! Here is an old post of mine giving you the lowdown on why lemon water is so awesome.

To wrap up the food section of this post, here are a few healthy and delicious meals for you to try this spring!  

Pasta Primavera 

Mediterranean Tostadas 

Crunch Salad (if you make this, add orange segments or mandarin oranges!)


Exercise is really something you should dedicate yourself to all year long, but I can totally relate to NOT wanting to do anything when it is cold and dreary outside. As I said before, I just feel this new sense of energy and happiness as soon as spring rolls around. I want to be outside (or inside) moving my body and taking the time to take care of myself. Now at the ripe age of 30, it isn't so much about getting bikini ready for spring break 😂 but instead I exercise to feel good, to feel strong, and to protect my mental and physical health. I am almost 6 months postpartum now, and I feel like I am getting into a decent routine again. These are my exercises of choice right now!

1. Walking- I make it a point to get out and walk every day! Even if it is a short one, it is nice to get some fresh air and get my body moving.

2. Pilates- I am definitely new to the Pilates world, but I am really enjoying it! In some sick way, I love being so sore it hurts to walk, stand, sit, etc. I discovered Pilates by Kerstin on Instagram and I love her vibe and style!! She has a website with tons of Pilates videos and a YouTube channel. I enjoy the slow and controlled movements, it is a whole different kind of workout! I also am enjoying Peloton's Pilates videos. I would love to do an in person session sometime, but #COVID.

3. Running- Okay, I have to admit I have not run in well over a year... but I finally feel ready! We even got a jogging stroller so I can eventually take my daughter along. I know it is going to be a journey to get back into it, but I really love running and I feel like running is what gets me in the best shape. It is also a great way for me to disconnect from reality and enjoy (usually) being outside.


In the future I want to make a dedicated post to skincare and my journey to clear skin, and I mean it when I say journey. But until then, I figured I would mention a few of my favorite products. I don't wear a lot of make up anyways, but during the spring and summer (especially when it is sunny and hot) I love having a bare face when I can. For me personally, a combination of my diet and a simple skincare routine is what has made the biggest impact on my skin. If I could only use one product, it would hands down be cold pressed Rosehip Oil. This article does a much better job explaining the wonderful benefits than I could. I buy my oil from Natural Grocers, but you can get it a lot of places- just make sure it does NOT smell like roses... you don't want that! Another product I love is Dr. Bronner's tea tree castille soap. Tea tree has numerous benefits, and I think this product works great as a cleanser, and I use it for cleaning my makeup brushes! I also recently started looking into the brand The Ordinary. I am overwhelmed by how many products they have and what does what, so if you have a favorite product from them please let me know!


If you have made it this far, thank you. The final category I want to touch on is lifestyle, which I feel can include a lot of different things but this time around it is for a book! When I first started getting into nutrition I discovered a book by Jolene Hart called, Eat Pretty: Nutrition for Beauty, Inside and Out. I remember reading this book up in the mountains one summer and just being fascinated by everything I read! She really focuses on what you should eat during different times of year, and how eating for different seasons can make you feel your best. Moving forward, I really want to try and eat seasonally and refer to her knowledge and tips throughout the year. I would highly recommend you pick up this book, especially since we just entered a new season! I think you will learn a lot. She also has other nutrition books that you might enjoy as well.


I hope this spring brings happiness and health your way!! 💛 

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