gadget essentials

Happy Friday, everyone! Going into the weekend I thought I would share a post highlighting my four most used kitchen gadgets! I think after reading this post they will become essentials in your kitchen too, if they aren't already! Of course there are bigger kitchen items such as Crock Pots, coffee machines, or blenders that make our lives easier and most people probably find essential, but today I wanted to show some love to these *in my opinion* underrated and sometimes forgotten gadgets!

back to school snack ideas

For a lot of you, August typically means back to school time! Whether your child is going to be in a classroom full time, doing a hybrid situation, or learning from home- it is important that they are being fueled with healthy and nourishing foods! The ideas I am going to give you are simple, nutritious, and 100% kid (and adult) friendly. Of course, these are just my ideas and there are a million more out there but I hope this post can help as you and your kiddos get back into a school year routine!

daily dozen

Take a moment to think about what you eat on a typical day. Do you eat nuts every day? What about fruit? Beans? I am here to tell you about the 12 things you should be aiming to consume every single day. With these foods in mind, the next time you meal plan or browse Pinterest for new recipe ideas try and challenge yourself to check off as many of these as possible! I was inspired to write this post because of Dr. Greger's book "How Not to Die" and his recommendation of the "Daily Dozen".

the immune system- your body's own little army

Let me begin this post by saying I am not a medical expert, doctor, epidemiologist, pathologist, or anything else that would have required me to take a lot of science classes in college. I am just someone with a passion for health and wellness, and doing whatever I can to best take care of myself and my family. Especially if it is as simple as being mindful of what we are eating and our lifestyle choices.

hello, remember me??

Hello! Wow... It's been a while since I last blogged! Ironically, one of my last blog posts was all about how I was going to do better at being consistent and giving my readers more content. I clearly didn't follow through with that, but I am back now and ready to roll! Let me fill you in on what has been happening in my personal life lately, and how I want to move forward with pop nourish!