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Happy Friday, everyone! Going into the weekend I thought I would share a post highlighting my four most used kitchen gadgets! I think after reading this post they will become essentials in your kitchen too, if they aren't already! Of course there are bigger kitchen items such as Crock Pots, coffee machines, or blenders that make our lives easier and most people probably find essential, but today I wanted to show some love to these *in my opinion* underrated and sometimes forgotten gadgets!

Essential Kitchen Gadgets

1. A Salad Spinner


I love my salad spinner! It's such a simple gadget that I lived too long without. I used to dread making salads because I could never get the lettuce completely dry (who wants a wet salad?)  and I would waste so many paper towels. Now that I have my handy dandy salad spinner I find making salads so much more enjoyable, and it makes meal prepping a breeze. Like I said, it's a simple thing but it really makes a difference! Think of how many paper towels you'll save too 😉

The one I have is from IKEA and is roughly $5.00, can't beat that!


2. Citrus Squeezer

I have talked about this specific gadget already in a previous post, and I am sure I will mention it again in future posts because it is the BEST. I mainly use my citrus squeezer to make lemon water for the mornings, but it is also great for when you are making sauces, dressings, or whatever else you like adding lemon/lime to! I like this one specifically because it's an "all in one" juicer. The yellow base catches all the liquid so you don't need to juice over a different bowl or cup, and it also catches all the seeds and pulp. I also like how sturdy this one is and that it can sit flat on your counter while you use it. If you don't already own a citrus squeezer, you are going to be shocked at how much more juice you get out of your lemons and limes verse when you just squeeze by hand!

You can buy this KitchenAid citrus squeezer on Amazon for $19.99.
3. Food Processor with Immersion Blender 

I bought my food processor on a whim a few years ago when we were living in Munich, and it quickly became my most beloved kitchen gadget! I use the food processor for making "nice cream", smoothies, chopping certain veggies, making homemade hummus/dips, blending dressings and sauces, and so much more! As for the immersion blender, I use this mainly for when I am making soups and need to puree the contents. It is also great for blending sauces, mixing protein shakes or smoothies, and for making your own oat flour (all you do it blend rolled oats until it is flour consistancy), and more. I don't use the whisk attachment very much, but it is nice that it is included in this set!

Prices for these vary, but I found that super expensive doesn't necessarily mean it is better. Try this food processor from Amazon for $39.99 or this Amazon basics version for $34.99! 

4. Silicon Ice Cube Tray

This might seem like a silly thing to call essential, but I really think it is a great thing to have in your kitchen! I use my silicone ice cube tray all the time, and my favorite way to use it is for juicing lemons and then freezing the juice in this tray so that I can use it for my lemon water! It is one of my favorite kitchen hacks and it makes my morning routine super easy since I love starting my day with lemon water. Here is an older post telling you more about this hack! Many people have ice machines attached to their freezer nowadays, so it is nice to have a couple of these silicone trays laying around. You can also use these to save herbs that are about to go bad by combining the herbs with olive oil and freezing them, or to make coffee cubes to add to iced coffee so it doesn't get watered down! It is also a little gadget I am going to be using to make a DIY wellness product soon, so stay tuned for that post!

Any silicone ice cube tray will work but I think this style from Target is the best, especially since they are only $3.00 each!

Leave me a comment letting me know either A. your favorite kitchen gadget, or B. how you personally like to use any of the gadgets listed above!

💛 Katie

Photo by Crissy Jarvis on Unsplash

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