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Hello! Welcome back to pop nourish. Today we are talking about essential oils! I got into essential oils a couple of years ago, and now I wonder how I lived so long without using them. I use my oils in one way or another every single day. If you have read my "about me" section here on the blog, then you already know that one of the acronyms I had in mind for pop was "power of plants", and that's where essential oils come into play! I am going to share my top 10 essential oils with you, how and why I use them, and where I get my favorite oils from.

1. Peppermint
[revitalizing, invigorating, fresh, comforting]
Peppermint is probably my most used oil! The most common way I use it is by diffusing it either on its own, or with another oil. I also use peppermint oil to help relieve nausea, since I am someone who gets motion sick very easily. The scent alone helps tremendously, so I just keep a bottle in my purse or carry-on bag and when I start feeling queasy I just slowly sniff the oil until I feel everything is under control. Peppermint oil can also be used to help relieve headaches or muscles aches thanks to the cooling effect the menthol provides. It is important to dilute peppermint oil with a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut or jojoba, before applying it directly to your skin when using it to soothe headaches or muscle aches. I would suggest using a rollerball (see photo below) filled with your diluted essential oil, and you can roll it on your neck or temples when needed!

2. Orange
[fresh, bright, uplifting, joyous]
I am actually surprised with how much I love this oil. Next to peppermint oil, it one that I diffuse regularly! One of my favorite oil combos to diffuse has actually become peppermint and orange, something about it is just so homey and perfect in my opinion. On it's own, orange essential oil is extremely uplifting and it helps to boost my mood! This bright citrus scent is just what I need to bring energy and life into my home during these dark and grey Swedish winters.

3. Peaceful Sleep
[calming, relaxing, comforting]
Peaceful sleep is my favorite blend of oils! It is made up of orange, tangerine, lavender, chamomile, ylang ylang, and sandalwood essential oils. My favorite way to use this is by diffusing it at night after dinner when things start winding down, or on nights where I feel like I need some extra help with relaxing I will diffuse it at bedtime and while I sleep. I also like to have a rollerball of diluted peaceful sleep when I travel, especially on overnight flights. Not only does it help calm me down, it also is a very comforting scent that I associate with home, and sleep. If you are feeling overwhelmed or anxious I would definitely recommend getting your hands on this powerful little oil blend.

4. Lavender
[soothing, balancing, calming]
Lavender is known as the swiss army knife of oils, meaning this one oil serves many purposes. It is anti-fungal, antibacterial, antimicrobial, antispasmodic, detoxifying, helps promote sleep. Whew! Lavender is also great for helping to relieve allergies when used in combination with peppermint and lemon. This oil can also be used on your skin to soothe minor burns or bug bites. I personally use lavender the most in my diffuser, especially on days or nights when I need a calming atmosphere. I also have a rollerball of the allergy relief combo that is a must have during the spring and summer! My husband gets pretty bad seasonal allergies, and he notices almost instant relief when applying that blend to his temples and bridge of his nose.

5. Lemon
[uplifting, fresh, clean, bright, energizing]
Lemon essential oil is incredibly uplifting and you can't help but be happy when you are smelling this fresh citrus scent! To reap the benefits of the lovely smell you can either diffuse it, smell it directly from the bottle, or place a few drops in the palm of your hand, rub together, and inhale slowly. Lemon is also a great oil to use for cleaning, especially if you are interested in making your own non-toxic cleaning supplies, which is something I want to try doing this year. Much like citrus fruits, lemon essential oil can help boost your immunity. If you feel you need an extra boost, especially before traveling or during cold/flu season, try add a few drops to coconut oil and rubbing it on the back of your neck and bottoms of your feet.

6. Tea Tree
[cleansing, purifying, restoring]
Tea tree is personally not an oil I like to diffuse on its own because the scent is pretty strong, but it is one that I keep in my bathroom cabinet for a variety of different reasons. Tea tree is an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal which makes it especially great for a variety of personal care needs. I like to use tea tree oil as a spot treatment for acne, as a natural remedy for treating and healing cold sores, and I also depend on tea tree oil when my scalp needs some extra love and is super dry and flaky. All you need to do is add a few drops to your shampoo, and the tea tree oil will do its job! One of my favorite products of all time is my Dr. Bronners Tea Tree Castile Soap, and it is my go-to face wash because the tea tree keeps acne at bay. Tea tree can also be used for cleaning. Simply combine 20-30 drops of tea tree oil, 1 cup of water, and 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar to a spray bottle and volia, a non-toxic, all purpose cleanser! 

7. Eucalyptus
[fresh, purifying, uplifting, warming]
Eucalyptus is a very fresh and invigorating oil, which makes it another one that I rotate through diffusing. Eucalyptus is great to use when you aren't feeling well, or have a lingering cough. You can inhale it directly to help relieve the congestion you are feeling, or you can mix it with a carrier oil and make your very own Vick's Vapor Rub type concoction. Another way I like to use eucalyptus is by sprinkling a 5-10 drops into my shower before I get in, the oil mixed with the steam makes for a very energizing and uplifting start to the day. This is also great to do when you are sick and stuffed up.

8. Grapefruit
[cheery, refreshing, energizing, bright]
To be honest, I don't have as much to say about grapefruit essential oil, as I have with the other oils so far. But with that being said, this is one of the best oils I have in my collection! It very much a summery scent, but you can definitely diffuse it all year long, it is the perfect pick me up when its grey and cold out and you are longing for sunshine. The smell of grapefruit reminds me of Florida and it instantly makes me happy when I smell it, sometimes that is all you need, an oil that can brighten your day all on its own!

9. Frankincense
[Grounding, calming, sacred]
If you are familiar with the gifts that the Three Wise Men brought to baby Jesus, then you have already heard of frankincense, and yes it is the same stuff! This unique essential oil is very grounding and it can help to alleviate stress and anxiety. It is also wonderful to use on your skin for acne prevention and for anti-aging benefits like smoothing fine lines, and helping to prevent wrinkles. To make your own little skincare concoction, add some frankincense to a carrier oil or your moisturizer and apply daily! Frankincense has also been said to have many medicinal benefits, but I would suggest doing your own research or talking to a doctor/naturopath :)

10. Immune Aid and DiGizen
I couldn't decide which one I liked more, so to wrap up this list I am going to talk about two oils that are great for immunity or when you aren't feeling well. Depending on where you buy your oils from, they might have different names but the ingredients shouldn't vary too much. Immune Aid is made up of frankincense, tea tree, rosemary, lemon, eucalyptus, and orange (five of these oils are on my favorites list!) You can diffuse Immune Aid so that everyone in your home can reap the benefits, or you can apply it directly to your body. When applying this oil, make sure to dilute it by adding it to a carrier oil before making contact on your skin. When you need a little immune boost and you are trying to fight back against a cold, then rub your mixture on the bottom of your feet, the back of your neck, and on your chest. DiGizen on the other hand is great for upset tummies and digestion woes. It is made up of, peppermint, tarragon, ginger root, fennel, anise star, and lemongrass. To use this oil, add a few drops to your favorite carrier oil and gently massage your stomach/abdominal area. Both this oils are great to travel with and very effective if you are looking for a natural approach.
Favorite place to get oils:
There are so many places you can buy essential oils, but not all oils are created equally. My favorite place to stock up on oils is Plant Therapy (, since the oils are affordable and high quality! This is a statement from their website, "All of Plant Therapy’s oils are 100% pure, free from any additives, adulterants or dilutions." They also offer 100% customer satisfaction guarantee where you can get a refund or replace for another oil, AND they offer free shipping! Plant Therapy also has a huge Kid Safe line, so the whole family can safely benefit from essential oils! Use this link to save $10 off your purchase of $25 or more at Plant Therapy! I also like NOW Solutions brand of essential oils. NOW essential oils are very accessible, pure, and also follow strict guidelines to ensure the products they are selling are of high quality. I like to purchase NOW essential oils from Natural Grocers, but you can also order online. The first essential oil kit I ever got was from Young Living, and I love my YL diffuser, but  it is hard to get Young Living oils in Sweden. I also know many people who use doTERRA Essential oils, so the point I am getting at is that there are many options, just do your research and use the company/brand that works for you!
If you want to know more, I would suggest going to the website of these brands, and looking at their FAQ's and to learn more about their oils.

Additional Essential Oil Information: If you want to learn more about essential oils, you have to listen to the Party in My Plants Podcast episode that is dedicated to essential oils. I liked and used oils prior to discovering to this podcast episode, but I learned so much as to how and why essential oils work the way they do after listening to it. I think this is a great resource for oil newbies!

Carrier oils: I mentioned carrier oils a lot in this blog post and I wanted to give you a quick rundown on what they are. A carrier oil is a pure oil that can be used to dilute essential oils to make them safe to put on the skin. There are many options such as, fractionated coconut oil (coconut oil that doesn't harden), jojoba oil, apricot oil, avocado oil, argan oil, and sweet almond oil.

Favorite Blends:
Lemon + Eucalyptus
Orange + Peppermint
Orange + Vanilla
Orange + Cinnamon
Peppermint + Lemon
Lavender + Cedarwood
Orange + Grapefruit + Lemon

Rollerball Example: These can be found on amazon,, or your local health food store (Natural Grocers, Whole Foods).

I am not an expert of essential oils. Everything I wrote is based on MY personal preferences and experiences when using essential oils. Please do your own research and consult a doctor or an essential oil expert if necessary.

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